We offer precision calibration services and engineering solutions across the UK

From rail to medical, aviation to construction, our industry experience makes us the premier choice for calibration. Our full scope solutions and flexible on- site working ensure we deliver agile, accessible and affordable services.

Britain's Rail network


During our 25 years, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading calibration companies providing comprehensive services across all disciplines in the rail sector.

Keeping Britain Airborne


Providing essential equipment calibration to passenger & specialist aerospace providers and manufacturers both air and non-airside.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Providing expertise accross the Medical spectrum from Estates facility management to medical departments in both the NHS and Private sectors. We also cover Social Care Providers and GP Practices and Clinics.

Other Sectors

Calibration Capabilities

Calibration and testing support is provided across all Industries to high International and work to National Standards ISO17025:2017;ISO9001:2015 along with sector and customer specific standards and requirements.

Engineering Consultancy

Engineering and Manufacturing

Covering all bases within Engineering and Manufacturing Industries. We deliver heavy and light Engineering Calibration Business Solutions to small and large companies throughout the UK.

Onsite Calibration | PremCal

Onsite Calibration

Our qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians travel the country providing convenient on-site calibration services. Increasingly the preferred option for industry reducing the instrument and equipment downtime and thus having reduced impingement on operations.

Our fully compliant environmentally controlled mobile laboratory facility enables Premcal to become a seamless on-site calibration laboratory as if it were the customers own.


We work in partnership with companies in all of these sectors

Track Maintenance and Operators Icon

Track and Rolling Stock
& Operators

We cover the full spectrum of calibration to all disciplines in the Rail Sector from those providing the track and OHL to run the Network to the buffet car microwave.

Aeronatuical Engineering Icon


Terminal to Hanger-Our calibration reaches all parts. Both air and non-air side at airports moving through to maintainers hangers and specialist aerospace manufacturers facilities.

Medical Equipment Providers Icon


Our service delivery to the Medical arena is wide covering NHS & Private Hospitals; Pharmaceutical/Care Homes/Clinics and much more.

Motorsport Teams Icon


At the Engineering Cutting edge Motor Sport demands new thinking much of the time and we are proud to be part of these teams.

We don’t just solve problems, we form lasting working relationships

We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time.

We work in partnership

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